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  • 1977

    At a very tender age, Mr. Jerry Massaga knew he wanted more out of life and was reluctant to be a product of his environment. He aspired to be more, pursue a career as a chartered accountant.

    After secondary school he was fortunate to land a job at the Ministry of Finance in the Income Tax Department. In 1977 he managed to get a National Bookkeeping Certificate from the National Board of Accountants and Auditors.

  • 1978

    Doors opened for Mr. Massaga. He got employed as an Assistant Accountant at National Insurance Corporation. For 3 decades he worked for NIC, and moved up the ladder over the years to the position of Director of Finance and Administration.

    Never satisfied with the status quo, Mr. Massaga felt he had reached the epitome of his career as an employee and decided he was going to start a firm that would provide excellent Audit and Assurance, Financial and Management Services however he realized there was a vacuum of Tax Advisory and Legal Services within the firm.

  • 2003 - The Partners

    The late Mr. Donati Kezirahabi and Ms. Margaret Makwaia worked for Deloitte & Touché as Tax Director and Senior Tax Consultant and Mr Nerbert Mboma was the Director of Finance at Tanzania Cigarette Company, respectively. The trio had similar sentiments as Mr. Massaga and decided to partner up and formed Tax & Financial Associates Ltd.

    In 2003, Tax & Financial Associates Ltd was incorporated and is an established company of Tax and Financial Consultants who strive at and are dedicated to providing top-quality customer service and satisfaction through hard work, a clear cut vision, strategic partnerships, well-defined values, personal initiative and, excellent communication.